Business Leasing Programs and Fleet Management

Selig Leasing is the premier provider of innovative vehicle fleet leasing management and leasing services for corporations and businesses nationwide. Located in Milwaukee Wisconsin our customers are in all states. The following is a partial list of vehicle lease management services available at Selig Leasing.

  • Acquisition & Delivery
  • License, Title & Tax
  • Maintenance Management
  • Accident Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Remarketing
  • GPS/Telematics

Vehicle Acquisition & Delivery

Our fleet vehicle professionals will review your needs and assist you to determine what typeof vehicle is best for you. Selig Leasing will acquire all vehicles utilizing the best fleet pricing available allowing you to take advantage of substantial manufacturer discounts.

Vehicles can either be factory ordered at the lowest possible price, drop shipped anywherein the country or purchased out-of-stock when the vehicle is needed immediately. Locally or nationwide, we handle the entire vehicle acquisition process for you ensuring accuracy and the fastest possible delivery.

Replacement Schedule

Selig Leasing will review your fleet on a regular basis and will work with you to establish a vehicle cycling schedule. It is important to replace vehicles at the optimum mileage level and cycle your vehicles at the right time of the year to further reduce operating costs.

Fleet Vehicle Upfitting and Graphics

We manage the entire upfitting and graphics process for you on all cars, trucks and vans. Installation is arranged by Selig Leasing and will be completed prior to delivering the vehicle to you. All discounts are passed along to our customers.

License, Title & Tax Administration

Vehicle Registration in Wisconsin

Selig Leasing will register all new vehicles through CVR online before delivering vehicles in the state of Wisconsin. Selig Leasing will either transfer your license plates to the new vehicle or else acquire new license plates for your vehicle.

Out of State Registration

Selig Leasing will process the license and title work for all vehicles in all 50 states. We also do this work for drivers as they change from state to state.

Sales & Property Taxes

All personal property tax bills are paid by Selig Leasing on behalf of the lessee and invoiced to the customer as they are incurred. Sales tax is collected from customers and paid on a monthly basis in all states that we are licensed. Sales tax is paid up front in all other states by Selig Leasing and then billed to the lessee.

Maintenance Management Options

National Fleet Maintenance and Repair Management

Selig Leasing offers the most comprehensive fleet maintenance and fleet vehicle repair management program. Our fleet management program is centered on a network of national account service providers with thousands of facilities located nationwide. They offer consistent, pre-negotiated prices and warranties for services and repairs. The Maintenance and Repair Management program eliminates out of pocket expenses for drivers and the accounting associated with driver reimbursement.

Vehicle Maintenance Guide

The Vehicle Maintenance Guide (VMG) provides routine maintenance on your vehicles based upon recommendations from the manufacturer. The service work is pre-established at mileage intervals the customer selects. The VMG functions as a purchase order, thus reducing the driver’s out-of-pocket cash disbursements, obtaining national discounted account pricing and controlling maintenance expenses.

For unscheduled maintenance and repair, Network’s ASE certified representatives direct drivers to the most convenient, trustworthy shops and oversee all larger services and repairs, helping drivers get back on the road in no time.

Fleet Management Reporting

Selig Leasing maintains a maintenance history on each vehicle to provide valuable information to our lessees at any time so that your vehicle fleet operates efficiently and cost effectively. Our fleet management reports include a fleet vehicle operating report, fleet vehicle replacement reports, fleet expense summary reports and vehicle fuel reports.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Selig Leasing maintains a 24-hour roadside assistance program as part of its maintenance plan. We will work with national towing companies and dealers to assist your drivers 24 hours a day. Your drivers are always one phone call away from assistance in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

Other Programs

We offer other fleet management programs to compliment our maintenance program. These programs include such things as rental cars, glass and windshield replacement and transmission repair services.

Accident Management

Selig Leasing can assist you in managing the complete accident repair process- from claims reporting to vehicle repair and Subrogation collection when applicable. Let the Selig experts handle the entire process saving you time and money.

The Accident Management Program includes:

  • 24/7 accident reporting assistance via toll-free call, including towing and securing of your vehicle
  • A complete incident report created and disseminated based on your guidelines
  • Determination of subrogation potential
  • I-CAR Platinum and ASE certified adjustors quarterbacking your vehicle repair
  • Repairs coordinated via an exclusive Direct Repair Network (DRP) ensuring quality workmanship and fleet life repair guarantees.
  • Management access to real-time claim activity and custom reporting
  • One consolidated invoice for all services rendered

Fleet Fuel Management

Selig’s fuel management program utilizes a nationally accepted card which can be used at over 98% of all fueling locations nationwide. Our program provides a cost-efficient way to supervise your company’s fuel management needs.

Cards are issued to either a vehicle or driver depending on tracking needs. To obtain fuel, drivers must enter a secure PIN or Driver ID and odometer reading. Card limits restrict driver spending and the purchase information gathered can be used to generate monthly fuel management and exception reports. It’s an easy way to track fuel purchases and restrict or reduce non-fuel purchases, premium fuel usage, multiple daily fill-ups and overfilling of tank capacity.

Fleet Fuel Reporting – With each transaction, vehicle odometer, time of fueling, number of gallons, cost per gallon, type of fuel (unleaded or premium), type of service (self or full) and miles per gallon are obtained and calculated. Since purchase data is captured electronically at the time of sale, the reporting is accurate and timely.

Vehicle Remarketing Options

Auction/Wholesale Nationally – Selig Leasing remarkets leased vehicles at auctions and dealers throughout the country. Our Used Vehicle specialists can determine the best means to maximize the sale price when disposing of all vehicles. We facilitate all aspects of the vehicle sale process from transportation to reconditioning through to final sale disposition. You are provided with complete documentation on all sales.

Employee Sales – Selig Leasing can establish and administer a driver/employee purchasing program based on your specific requirements.

Local Edge Retail – Operating a preowned sale location in the greater Milwaukee area affords Selig a unique advantage – to achieve retail pricing while offering the public access to quality fleet vehicles.

Our Vehicle Remarketing Department specializes in “retailing” off-lease vehicles, maximizing resale value and delivering larger off-lease gains for fleet customers.


Telematics combines both GPS and telecommunications offering a real-time snapshot of fleet activity: the what you need to know about your fleet. Gain insight into control of operating expenses, utilization tracking, productivity, routing and safety.

Features include vehicle location, driver behavior (speed/idle time), onboard system diagnostics, manufacturer recall notifications and maintenance alerts–all with plug-n-play installation and portability.

With Telematics, you’ll be able to track and improve fleet utilization, save money on fuel and maintenance costs while reducing breakdowns and preventable accidents.

Selig partners with various Telematics providers offering customized solutions for your fleet’s need.


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