Business Leasing Programs and Fleet Management

At Selig Leasing, our full-service leasing approach makes business vehicle leasing convenient. We offer auto financing options tailored to the needs of qualified businesses and lease programs tailored to match individual business needs so that you may find new ways to preserve capital and gain a competitive edge while Selig Leasing concentrates on saving you money and managing your fleet. It is what we call the Selig Double Play.

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  • Equipment Leasing

Lease Options

Open-End Lease

Our signature lease product is the Open-End Lease. With the guidance of the lessor, the lessee determines the depreciation rate on the vehicle and assumes responsibility for any gain or loss from the sale of the vehicle. Vehicles can be replaced based upon mileage rather than term. It combines the flexibility of ownership with the cash flow advantages and tax benefits you get from leasing. Open-End Leases generally are commercial leases, making it easier to manage a fleet of vehicles.

Advantages include freeing up capital and bank credit lines for more vital expenditures, no mileage restrictions or wear-and-tear charges, and it provides flexibility as your needs change. Open-End Leases are best for companies that like to have an equity interest in their vehicles, as well as a flexible vehicle replacement policy, and can use leasing as an alternate source of funds.

Closed-End Lease

The Closed-End lease is set up for a specific number of months and pre-determined mileage limits. The lessee is responsible for abnormal wear-and-tear charges and any excess mileage. Closed-End Leases generally are suitable for lessees who need to minimize risk and be able to easily and accurately budget for their fleet, prefer a defined termination point and replacement policy of their leases and have predictable mileage habits.

Advantages include no depreciation risk (assumed by Selig Leasing) and insulation from used car market conditions, walk away convenience, as well as the off balance sheet financing and increased credit line availability afforded to lessees.

Pre-Owned Inventory

At Selig Leasing we offer a nice selection of off lease and pre-owned vehicles.

Our remarketing process includes the option to sell off lease vehicles on our lot in West Allis, Wisconsin, providing better returns to our open end lease customers. We also utilize other retail sales options though other partners around the country.

Pre-Owned Leasing

Being both a Vehicle Leasing company and an Automobile dealer, Selig can assist with the location and leasing of pre-owned vehicles. For many companies, utilization of a pre-owned fleet program can offer substantial economical savings vs. fleeting with entirely new vehicles.

Pre-Owned Remarketing

Like we do with our off-lease fleet vehicles, Selig can assist clients with the remarketing of owned vehicles. Local or national, we have the resources and expertise to successfully remarket your vehicles for top dollar.

Vehicle Lineup

Selig Leasing offers a fleet lineup that includes everything from power and elegance to technology and class. Whatever your needs are, we’ll handle everything.

We offer all makes and models to fit your fleet, executive fleet and salespeople’s needs. We can guide you through the selection process and eliminate the headaches of having to go to multiple dealers to get information making it very convenient for you. We handle everything from the acquisition through the sale of all vehicles.

Our full-service approach is what sets us apart.

Lease Benefits

Businesses often use vehicle leasing to allow for careful cash conservation and financial planning. There are a number of benefits of leasing a vehicle. Here we’ll take a look at some of the major ways a company can benefit economically from leasing its fleet vehicles:

  • Leasing a vehicle requires no down payments and often no cash outlay at all.
  • A business lease frees up business capital for other purposes.
  • The lease payment is tax deductible and offers both on of off balance sheet flexibility.
  • Leasing offers improved cash management to businesses. By paying for the vehicle as it is used, the business often has a lower monthly payment than if the entire vehicle is financed.
  • Leasing yields fewer maintenance problems as the vehicle is under manufacturer’s warranty for the majority of the lease term. This lowers the overall fleet operating costs.
  • Leasing a business vehicle eliminates trade-in hassles. At the end of the lease, the lessee just turns in the vehicle and keys to the leasing company, but also maintains the option to re-lease or purchase it.

Businesses should consult with their tax advisor to determine the specific benefits that leasing will afford them.

Selig Leasing can provide you with a comprehensive lease vs. buy analysis for your company.

Lease vs Reimbursement

Although it may seem cost-effective to reimburse an employees for the use of their personal vehicle on company time, a commercial lease for company vehicles are more cost-effective.

Driver reimbursement is the most costly, least efficient way to finance business transportation. It offers the least amount of control over operating costs, safety and the condition of an employee’s vehicle. It also requires extensive record keeping and administrative time to process driver claims.

While reimbursement offers businesses no capital outlays, it presents many disadvantages to both the company and its employees. Drivers generally pay higher acquisition, maintenance and insurance costs, drive less fuel-efficient vehicles, have increased operating costs and down time and do not realize the tax benefits associated with leasing a vehicle.

Equipment Leasing

We offer flexible structuring of all equipment lease transactions and offer various leases including $1.00 purchase option leases. We offer both new and used equipment leasing to meet your business’ needs.

For more information about equipment leasing, please contact us and one of our equipment leasing professionals will be in touch shortly.


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